Old Price Guide

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Old Price Guide

Post by Ilbefine on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:24 pm

All torva is 400b per piece

Other torva pieces
Golden torva- 100b per piece
Pink torva- 1t per piece
Toxic torva- 2t per piece
Santa torva-3t per piece
420 torva-4t per piece
Blood torva- 5t per piece
Xox torva- 6t per piece

Other Armors:

Max-100b per piece
Ornamental- 300b per piece
Asgardian- 500b per piece
Beastmaster - 700b per piece
Tzhaar- 50b per piece
Valgor- 1t per piece
Elite black- 5t per piece
Frostbite- 75t per piece
Forest chaseblade- 100t per piece

Drop rate items:

5% ring- 5t
8% ring- 7t
12% ammy- 10t
25% ring- 32t (in store at ::1bgreedyzone)
25% ammy- 32t (in store at ::1bgreedyzone)
50% ammy- 70t
50% ring- 70t

Mystery box- 400b each
Weapon box- 500b each
Crystal heart- 5t each

Random items:
Custom h'weens- 700b each
Custom phat's- 700b each
Custom santa hats- 700b each
Reg santa hats-50-100b
Reg phat's 50-100b each
Reg h'ween-50-100b each
SSJ2 aura- 10t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)
SSJ3 aura- 20t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)
SSJ4 aura- 30t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)
SSJ5 aura- 40t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)
Black beret- 45t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)

Other weapons

Zen blade- 20t
Perfect sword-200t (best in game)
Junk weapons 500b-1t (depending what they are)
Sun god blade- 70t
Cyan halo sword- 3t (in shop at ::2bgreedyzone)

If there is anything ive missed off please feel free to pm me ingame "ilbefine"
Hope this helps!

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Re: Old Price Guide

Post by skiller123 on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:07 am

This guide should help new peoples ! :)Thanks for making it ! Smile


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Re: Old Price Guide

Post by POWER on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:14 pm


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Re: Old Price Guide

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